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Professor John C. Brown

10th Astronomer Royal for Scotland

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Links to all Astronomical Societies in Scotland: Astronomical Societies in Scotland

Astronomy Clubs in the UK

Glasgow Science Centre

Dark Sky Scotland



Glasgow University Observatories

Mills Observatory, Dundee

Royal Observatory, Edinburgh

The Calton Hill Observatory, Edinburgh

Coates Observatory, Paisley

The Jim Savage-Lowden Observatory, Culloden (Highlands Astronomical Society)

The Scottish Dark Sky Observatory

Airdrie Public Observatory

Bradford Robotic Telescope (public use):

National Schools Observatory:


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Choosing a telescope:

Aurora Watch and Aurora Alerts

Astronomy picture of the day (NASA):

Satellite watching:

Weekly sky bulletin (email)

'The Sky at Night'

BBC: Science and Nature: Space

UK Astronomy

Solar imaging in Scotland (Robert Arnold's astonishing images and videos belie the mith that Scotland is too cloudy to enjoy Astronomy or the Sun!)



Some Astronomy Resources (Posters, books, software etc)


NASA for Kids

Sun|trek A site aimed at 10-14 year old students and their teachers.

National Space Centre:

Science and Technology Facilities Council:

Armagh Planatarium: